Furniture Options

Furniture Options from the





Each piece is completely custom-made for you.  Here are some of your choices:

Colors and Fabrics

The base color and finish can be anything you want, from a dark walnut stain to a bright shiny red enamel.

For the fabric covering, just about any color and texture is available, from smooth black Naugahyde to ostrich leather. 


Each weight-bearing surface is padded and layered, as shown.  The bottom layer is furniture-grade foam, two or more inches thick.  The white layer is polyester padding.  The top is any fabric you choose.


Hardware and Attachments

There are quite a variety of options for connecting people to my furniture.  (That's a quarter in the middle.)

From the top, the three rows are:

  • rope cleats, small and large
  • eyebolts, a black eyenut (cool!), and two closed cleats
  • several types of attachments, including the safety snap on the right

Here's an oblique view.


Closed Cleats

The small closed cleats can hold any of the attachment devices.

I recommend "safety snaps", which are designed for nervous horses -- no matter how much strain is on the line, you can pull the snap open and release it (them).  These can be permanently attached if you wish.

Rope Cleats

These small and large cleats are suitable for most rope, and much larger cleats are available.

Electrical Connections

Your new furniture can have built-in electrical toys or connections, with any kind of wiring.  I can build in a TENS unit or any such.  For example, you could put your favorite E-toy on its own little shelf, with plugs coming out at just the right spots.


I can add decorative rope lighting to the inside or outside of any piece, to provide a nice glow.