History of the





My own dungeon began the day I bought my house about 10 years ago.  The family room in the basement had that awful 1970s dark pseudo-panelling and a dirty beige tile floor. 

I found the shade of wall paint I wanted, a dark dusky purple, and the name of that shade was a hint:  "Witching Hour".  The floor, of course, turned dungeon gray, and the unfortunately low ceiling became a rosy off-white.

I installed a couple of whip-proof overhead lights with a dimmer and full-spectrum bulbs, then ran a light rope around the entire ceiling to give a nice even glow with no shadows (the better to aim).

I found a sound-activated plasma disk which became the Scream-o-meter, tucked up into the corner.

(That's Boadicea underneath, bursting forth from the paper that bound her, a painting by Naomi Serafina Pandora.)

Next came shelves for toys, then furniture.  I had been collecting toys since, well, since I started to think about sex.

I remember as a pre-teenager asking my father (a research chemist, Ph.D.) about an electrical device that could be connected to two people to cause sparks when kissing, and he replied something to the effect of "that's what should be happening already", which told me two things:  first, that he was right, but that wasn't the end of it, and second, that such a device was possible.  The Friendly Little Dungeon now has several violet wands of indeterminate ages, and I still prefer the original sparks.

The Friendly Little Dungeon attempts to have "one of everything", and has a comparatively large collection of electrical toys, about 35 different kinds, from 1896 to 2002...  right now I am (having experienced a couple) lusting after an ErosTek 312, or their remote...