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Here follow the many pieces of furniture I have designed and built, and a couple of special devices.

My furniture follows the design motto "Sturdy, Comfortable, Functional".  Each piece is carefully designed for the intended purpose or posture, and then sized to fit the likely audience.

Most of these pieces have been in professional and public dungeons for years with only minor scuffing.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and each is an evolution in design and technique.  Prices begin around $350.

Everything is customizable, from color and size to the hardware.  You may choose to have your furniture light up, or have built-in electrical connections.


  • Tables

  • Sex Furniture

  • Special Requests



    Western Pleasure Saddle

    This saddle belonged to my aunt, and she gave it to me after many happy years of riding.  The name of this type of saddle is in fact Western Pleasure.

    I made this saddle horse as a duplicate of one in the tack room in our barn.  It is rough, rustic, and not likely to tip over even with serious thrashing on the part of the rider.

    It is not for sale, but saddles new and used (and pink) are available on eBay, and I can make any style of saddle horse you might like -- see also my McClellan.


    McClellan Saddle

    This saddle was invented in 1855 as an alternative to the solid saddle.  It has a large opening down the center, both to cool off the horse or mule, and to better fit a mule's bony back. History, Wikipedia

    When I saw this at an antique Western store, I had to have it, and made a saddle horse to match.  Note the easy access to the lucky rider's sweet spots.

    This saddle is not for sale, but there are places to buy McClellan saddles, for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.  For a similar effect, see the Saddle Trees .



    Saddle Trees

    Recently, in a local tack shop, I found a raw saddle tree, which is the skeleton of a saddle.  Clearly this is begging for a little upholstery and a nice open saddle horse like my McClellan .





    White Plain

    This was a special project for Ms. L.

    This was an ordinary large table.  I took it apart, glued and screwed it back together, then sanded and painted.

    Her dungeon colors are white and gold, so this table was covered in white Naugahyde over a thick layer of foam padding.  It has received hard professional use for many years and is still in perfect condition.

    Brown Tilting and Sliding

    Ms. C came to me with a request for a long (7') table that would tilt down on one end, for kneeling scenes.  I made three large pads for the top that can be slid apart, to allow genitalia and breasts to hang down in between the pads while supporting the body.

    The kneeling end has a height-adjustable knee bench. 

    Teal Travelling

    I made this for my beloved Mz. Toni, to take with us on trips around the country.  At the time, you could still bring large luggage onto the plane, and this was sized to fit the maximum storage dimensions.

    The legs fold up, and come off.  The fabric is a nice teal, of course, the hanky code for CBT.  It fits neatly into its large black duffel bag.



    Black CBT

    This was a recent special project for Dominatrix Betka Schptiz .

    This table started off plain, hard, and a little beat up.  I glued and rebolted the top and legs, sanded and painted it, and cut a nice big hole in the middle.  She chose a soft black washable fabric, and I added about 4" of foam on top before upholstering.  The finishing touches were a rope band around the edge, and some attachment points.


    Sex Furniture

    Sex Bench

    I needed a fucking bench and a CBT seat -- this was the result.  While on my hands and knees, a friend traced my underside profile, which became the side view of this Sex Bench. 

    Kneeling over it, one's mouth is ready at one end, and one's posterior fairly begs for a thrashing, inside & out.  Sitting on it, one's legs are spread wide, with one's special bits available for easy access.

    At one party, an enterprising young woman laid on it upside down, with her head down in the seat, nicely exposing her beauty.


    Picnic Table

    This was my first version of a kneeling bench.  It is sized to fit most people (I shortened it after requests from some smaller Lesbians), and it is very comfortable. 

    The top is offset, so that one's lucky pussy or balls hang off one end, allowing your favorite person to reach out and touch.

    Ergonomic Sling

    Most slings, however nice the material and craftsmanship, sag in the middle like hammocks.  I designed this to support all one's weight from head to tailbone.  For some reason, one's butt hangs off the end, probably to make it easier to reach the naughty parts.

    I have lain on it for hours at a time...

    The four supports are made of purple nylon webbing, rated to 3,000 pounds, which are much more comfortable on the hands and feet than steel chains.  Of course, there are chains tied into the webbing, with an extra loop because Mz. Toni likes the rattling sound.  Properly motivated, those chains will sing!


    The Arch

    This is designed for laying on, happy side up or happy buns side up.  Lying on one's back is very comfortable, as one's body weight gently stretches the spine, and it leaves one deliciously exposed.

    The sides are made from the largest pair of semicircles that fit into a 4x8 sheet of plywood, which turned out to be perfect.



    Ergonomic Rack

    If you've ever been on a standard rack, you know that it pulls straight up and down, which is very painful for the joints.

    I wanted something to immobilize me, the better to receive Mz. Toni's affection.  I designed this rack so that it pulls on all four limbs with equal force, adjusting itself as necessary.  In addition, the leg and arm pull points can be moved together, like the original rack, or spaced out to pull the arms or legs open wide.

    I went to several hardware stores until I found the perfect winch -- it makes a nice loud CLACK with each step of the ratchet.

    It works.  Once tightened up, you're not moving, not even an inch.

    Padded St. Andrew's Cross

    I was given a nice St. Andrew's Cross made of bare 2x6s, so I added some padding to the front, wrapped it all in black Naugahyde, and ran eyebolts up the back on each side.

    That's a cow pelvic bone underneath.

    Special Requests

    The Wheel

    A friend of mine had a special friend who wanted him to rotate...

    So I measured him and made a 6' 6" circle out of thick plywood.  I laid in the center and had a sweet helper draw my outline, so I could see where to put the straps to hold the arms, torso, and legs.  I inset the strap holders for comfort.

    The footrests, hip bolsters, and shoulder rests are adjustable for larger or smaller people, and are heavily padded.  There are large handles to hold while turning someone, and a locking mechanism.

    One person was spun 1,000 times without stopping.

    The Jail

    Goddess Athena needed a jail under her stairs, for recalcitrant guests.  I made it out of short lengths of threaded pipe.  These pictures show it unpainted.



    Betka's Throne

    Domina Betka Schpitz came to me with a request -- please improve this hideous massive chair made out of 2 1/2" steel pipe.  I suggested and built a new back, using Her template for the curves.

    It bolts securely onto the chair's back, and can be easily removed if desired.

    Miss Mona's Catwalk

    Miss Mona Superhero was putting on a series of burlesque shows at Berbati's, and wanted to be able to have the performers move into the audience.  So I measured the height and curvature of the front of the Berbati's stage, and built a matching catwalk 16 feet long and 4 feets wide, painted black, with thoroughly reinforced legs.

    The shows were a great success.

    The Coffin

    A vampire stripper asked me to build her a coffin that could be carried on stage with her inside.  She'd lift the lid and make a dramatic entrance, then dance on top of the coffin.

    So it had to be light enough to lift (she herself didn't weigh much) and strong enough to dance on.  And it had to be ready in two days.

    I found and measured some real coffins to get the right proportions, measured her (in her super high heels), and went to work.  I made the sides, top, and bottom out of 3/8" plywood with some internal braces, then added the handles.  Naturally, I put a very thick and soft foam pad on the bottom.

    Of course, it had to be lined, so I got some beautiful blood-red scarlet fabric and put it in over some light padding.  In case of claustrophobia, I added a hidden night light with a secret switch.

    My muse never paid for it, so I repo'd it and had it in my living room for quite a while.  A nice Goth lesbian came by one day and just had to have it, so she took it home and encrusted it with silver skulls and the like.



    Bwah-hah-ha!  Are you ready, little fly?

    The Vise

    I saw a large wooden vise used on some fortunate balls in a Shotgun video, and designed a clear vise so the victim's crushed flesh can be seen.

    It is made from a regular wood vise, with round-edged 5/8" acrylic panels bolted on.  After I demonstrated this at a KinkFest, I saw a larger version in a later Shotgun video, which, following my lead, is the sincerest form of flattery.

    Other versions of this concept are clumsier, flimsier, and sharp-edged -- insist on the original from the Friendly Little Dungeon!


    The Electreat

    This is an antique electrical toy that I found irresistible -- properly connected and manipulated, it will cause electro-ejaculation.  I bought a dozen of them!  Most were in pretty bad shape after 60 or more years, but I disassembled and cleaned them, and several are now in good working order.

    They run on one or two D batteries and produce quite a jolt.  The feeling is an increasing tingle until your muscles start to lock up...