CBT University at the





I started practicing CBT on myself when I began masturbating around the age of 11.  Subsequently, while dating, I was able to bring out the sexual sadism inherent in many women, especially those who are GGG.

After attending Living in Leather III in Seattle, and then finding a local play party, I met Maggie, who "turned me out" in the scene.  She was the first woman who was willing to take CBT as far as I thought I could possibly appreciate.  

Some years later, I met Ms. Toni, who was to change my life, especially my kinky side.  I taught Ms. Toni everything I then knew about CBT, and she taught me the limits of endurance.

We, in turn, taught workshops at the following events:

  • In The Woods in way northern Washington
  • Living in Leathers XII & XIII in Portland & Dallas
  • The Wet Spot (formerly Beyond the Edge) in Seattle
  • RCDC in Portland
  • Folsom in San Francisco
  • KinkFest in Portland
  • Mack Weekend in Vancouver, BC
  • Black Rose in DC
  • Thunder in the Mountains in Denver

I have also provided personal instruction in CBT for several local professional dominatrixes -- references available for serious inquiries.

  • Ms. C
  • Ms. L
  • Mistress Shayla
  • Miss Samantha
  • Goddess Moonbeam



Here at CBT University, we strive to make your learning experience both rewarding and fun.  The classes you can take here will give you and your lucky friends much happiness for years to come.

Sadist-faction is guaranteed!

  1. There may be one or a series of lessons, depending on your interests and depth of curiosity.  The fee is negotiable, and may be paid in cash or trade.
  2. Our lesson plan takes us from the meatus to the perineum.  All lessons are hands-on lectures, with all toys provided.  Questions and explorations are highly encouraged. 
  3. A concise and thorough summary handout is provided at the end, along with your graduation certificate from CBT University.
  4. You may bring a stunt double with prior clearance.
  5. The first lesson is always on the anatomy, physiology, and psychology of the manly parts.  The emphasis is on safety and respecting the physical limits of the male sexual organs.  The amount of pain that can be inflicted within these limits is almost certainly enough for your purposes. 
  6. There are two types of torture -- pain torture and pleasure torture.  It is your choice whether and how deeply to explore each type.  Pleasure torture will convince your plaything of the necessity of proper behavior, and can be the sugar with the salt.
  7. Cock and ball bondage techniques for various purposes are shown, from simple to complex.
  8. Safe striking and crushing techniques are demonstrated with a variety of implements and pain levels.
  9. Abrasion, clothes pins, clips, and various other forms of surface torture are shown.
  10. Many types of electrical devices are available for the curious, including several that will cause electro-ejaculation, and some that are severely painful, and a special few that are both!.
  11. If you are satisfied with your lesson, please require your demonstrator to orgasm in any manner you find amusing.  There is a wonderful game called "You'll come, but you won't like it!".  Pain is very much appreciated, while giving pleasure is very much optional.